Taako and Lup

Ever since discovering the Adventure Zone, I have wanted to create a cosplay for the podcast!

My friend (featured here as Taako) suggested that we do a group cosplay of Taako and Lup. (This was before I even knew who Lup was, but thanks to the internet, I had been spoiled about her identity!)

At first, I wanted to do casual versions of these characters, but as I delved into the wonders of the Red Robes and the IPRE, I knew that I had to try my hand at designing their uniforms.

I consulted with my friend on his opinions of their outfits (over a game of DnD no less) and I finally settled on two similar, but unique designs.

Cos-cept to Cos-pletion

The initial costumes were based off a variety of fan art and some background knowledge on fantasy costuming (known as watching a lot of LOTR and GoT)


Lup had two unique pieces, a multi-colored pleated skirt and a short vest with gold trim.

The pleated skirt was created by sewing together multiple strips of red and blue fabric. You can click here for a tutorial!

The vest was created by removing the sleeves off of a jacket pattern and extending the front closure to create a double-breasted front. The collar was drafted from scratch.

Her boots were purchased off of Amazon, and do look like the ones in the drawing (promise!). Hopefully someday I’ll get some full photos of her!

Below are some details of Lup’s outfit.


Taako’s outfit was similar to Lup’s but rather than a short vest, his was elongated. This was created by taking a double-breasted vest and extending the bottom. Like on Lup’s, the collar was drafted from scratch.

We also created a thin sash to match the top of my skirt.

This costume was used to teach my friend how to sew. He cut out and sewed all of the large pieces. I assisted him with some of the trims (this may be a surprise but that gold bias tape was a nightmare to work with!)

Taako placed first in the Journeyman Category at Infinity Con Year 6! I’m very proud of the work he put into creating this costume.

Taako and Lup

Both costumes had cloaks, undershirts, hats, and books.

The cloak was created using my cloak tutorial which you can find here! It’s basically a bunch of triangles that are trimmed down into a half circle.

The under shirts were created using a bunch of modified rectangles and put together in a very simple manor. They are very easy to draft at home! You can find a tutorial here.

The hats were made following this tutorial! This tutorial takes you to another site, so make sure you open it in a new tab! We hid the power box for the lights in the point of the hats and I used my awl to create a hole to run the wire through. Flowers were then hot glued around the base.

The books were created by purchasing $.50 books from a used bookstore and covering them with faux leather. I used hot glue to secure the leather and decorated them with a gold sharpie.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please contact me at Liz@mariellisdesign.com and I will be happy to answer them!

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