Nurse Joy

We both are avid Pokemon fans, and what better way to celebrate that than cosplaying as the iconic Nurse Joy? We originally used these cosplays as Christmas Cosplays for Holiday Matsuri, so they have a few extra embellishments.

Some Info

Dress: Simplicity D0672 and then the sleeves were edited to make them puffy (tutorial!)

Apron: I sewed two long rectangles together and then sandwiched them into the body of the apron. The apron was narrower at the top and then flared out at the bottom. The top puffy shoulder pieces were created by sewing another two tubes and stuffing them. They were then hand stitches to the top of the apron. The bottom of the shoulder pieces had a loop sewn in so they could slip onto the waist straps.

Hat: A simple headband with a larger rectangle sewn to the front! The plus was appliqued on.

To finish up the look, we bought wigs off of Amazon and white shoes from walmart. I intend to redo this cosplay sometime soon, as mine has seen better days, and purchase a nicer wig from Arda (most likely their Luthien!)

I also crocheted us Chansey, Blissey, and some pokeballs. The crochet pattern for Chansey and Blissey!

Happy Crafting!

I hope you enjoyed this mini explanation of our Nurse Joy cosplays! As always if you have any questions please email me at

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