Black Cat D.Va


  • 2 Yds Shiny Black Fabric
  • 1 1/2 Yds Shiny Purple/ Pink Fabric
  • 1/2 Yds Pink Cotton Fabric
  • 1 Yd Black Cotton Fabric
  • 1 Yd Black Canvas Fabric
  • 5 Yds Single Layer Black Lace
  • 5 Yds Double Layer Black Lace
  • 3 Yds Gold Beads (Mardi Gras type)
  • 2 Yds Plastic Boning
  • 3 Yds 1/2 in Black Bias Tape
  • 1 Spool Pink Ribbon
  • 16 Large Eyelets
  • Resin
  • Gold Glitter
  • Jump Rings
  • Silcone Heart Mold
  • Set of Lace Gloves (Purchased)
  • Light Up Cat Ears (3D Printed)
  • D.Va Gun (3D Printed)
  • Flats (Previously Owned)
  • Black Tights (Or her tights from the game if you can get them in your size!)
  • Blonde Wig (Featured: Epic Cosplay Nyx Blonde Mix, I have since switched over to the Arda Chibi Classic Fairy Blonde because it comes with pigtails!)

*Some of the materials are an approximation

Ever since Overwatch released the Black Cat D.Va skin, I have been dying to cosplay it! I remained fairly true to the original outfit, however I modified some of the proportions to make them more flattering and I also added a pink ribbon to the waist cincher as I felt it was cuter than the black ribbon. Lastly, I chose to wear lace gloves because they are super cute and breathe better than solid gloves and black tights because it was too expensive to buy her actual tights at the time!

All photos of Black Cat D.Va were taken by the wonderful CaptainPuertoRico.

Creation Process

Base Dress

I modified Butterick Pattern B6590 to create the upper part of the dress. I removed the upper part that buttons across the chest so that it was just a simple v-neck and drafted large, poofy sleeves (tutorial!). The neckline and the edge of the sleeves were finished with the single layer lace trim. I did include the waist piece from the pattern as well, but then wore a waist cincher over it. For the skirt portion I drafted a basic gathered skirt for the purple fabric and made a gathered over-skirt out of the black fabric (tutorial!). The over skirt was trimmed with single layer lace and the under skirt with double layered lace. The back of the dress zipped up with an invisible zipper. To make everything easy to put on, I split the over-skirt into two pieces down the back and sewed those as part of the zipper.

Waist Cincher

I shortened Simplicity Pattern 8129 so that it sat under my bust and ended at my natural waist. You can shorten this pattern by cutting it at the smallest part (all of the pieces are hourglass shaped, cut them in the middle of the hourglass!). I sewed the cincher using three layers, 1 layer of the shiny black fabric, 1 layer of canvas, and 1 layer of cotton. I use canvas as a stiffener because coutil is expensive! After creating the three layers, I sandwiched them together and sewed boning channels at all of the seams. After inserting the boning, I finished the pieces off with bias tape and added my eyelets.


This one is really simple! I measured out two pieces of the double layered lace the length of my neck and sewed them together. I then added some clasps to the two ends so that it stays on! The bow is hand stitched in place.


For the bows, I gestimated the right sizes and made a total of eight bows. Two for my hair, two for my bracelets, one for my collar, one for my gun, one for my belt, and one for my back (which I never ended up wearing!).

The belt and bracelets were created by cutting mardi gras beads up and adding jewelry clasps to the ends.

The heart earrings and belt charm were created by pouring resin into silicone molds. I mixed gold glitter into the resin before pouring them. I then drilled small holes in the tops and used jump rings to secure them in place.

3D Printed Parts

I drafted the ears using blender and then utilized my boyfriends knowledge of electronics to wire them up. They have an on/off switch that is hidden by the wig.

The gun print can be found here. I modified the file in Blender so that it was hollow and could hold electronic parts. There is a button hidden on the trigger that makes it light up. Eventually I want to go back and properly paint the gun, but that is a problem for future Liz!

Thank you for reading! And as always, if you have any questions about the process you can email me at!

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